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Digital Graphiti, Smart Applications For A Mobile World

Don't get left behind...

Since 1995, Digital Graphiti has been creating innovative websites, custom software, and database solutions that generate substantial returns on investment for our clients. Now Digital Graphiti is quickly becoming an industry-leader in the development of smartphone and mobile web development.
  • Industry experts at the Gartner Group predict that this year there will be almost two billion users of smartphones and mobile web devices.

  • Google predicts that within two years, desktops computers will give way to mobile phones as the primary screen from which most people will consume information and entertainment.

  • Social media and web-based marketing have proven to be vital components to the future of every business, regardless of product or service.

  • Over 95% of existing business websites are outdated and many companies are using internally-developed software that has reached the end-of-life, both of which negatively impacts productivity, revenue, and the bottomline.

  • Will your business ride the digital wave or be washed away by it?

Digital Graphiti is here to help you not only keep up with the trend, but grow exponentially because of it. We provide full-service mobile application development for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mobile Web, as well as cutting-edge website design and custom software development that allows you to improve your company's performance and profile while increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

iOS Applications

Our iOS team delivers applications that will connect your business with the fast-growing iOS platform and millions of users.
Android Applications

Utilizing the latest mobile technologies, our Android team can deliver cutting-edge applications on the world's fastest-growing mobile platform.
Mobile Web

Our mobile web team creates amazing experiences across a variety of platforms, so you reach the largest audience possible.
Websites & Software
We've delivered websites and custom software projects for Mercedes Benz, Time-Warner, and many others. From specification to development, our team has the talent to produce superior results for you.
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